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Low Cost Comprehensive Individual and Group Dental Plans from Healthplex

Select DHMO plan offers extensive coverage at an affordable cost that works within any budget for an individual, family or business. Benefits of the Select Plan include:

Over 6,400 Dental Access Points in New York and New Jersey!
To view participating providers in your area, log on to www.healthplex.com and click on                    

Our Dentists”, select “Managed Care Panels”, then “Select Panel".

Categories of Services

Diagnostic and Preventive Services – Cleanings, Exams and X-Rays
Basic Services – Restorative, Endodontics, Periodontics and Oral Surgery
Major Services – Crowns, Bridges and Dentures
Orthodontic Services – Reduced fee of $2,910 for the initial insertion and 24-months of adjustments           

(In-Network only) for dependent children under the age of 19

Group plans require a minimum of two (2) employees enrolled.
Any families with over four (4) dependents have an additional $10 charge per dependent per month.
The Select Plan is ACA compliant and includes the Pediatric Dental Essential Health Benefits for dependent children under the age of 19.

Rates above are community rated for groups situs in New York. The information highlighted above is not intended to be a complete list or description of benefits. Exclusions and limitations apply. All benefits are governed by the Group Dental Agreement. All groups are subject to final underwriting approval by DENTCARE DELIVERY SYSTEMS, INC. The Select Plan is underwritten by DENTCARE DELIVERY SYSTEMS, INC. and administered by HEALTHPLEX, INC.

Forms and Brochures:

ACCESS Healthplex

Select Managed Care

EyeMed Vision

ACCESS Healthplex Individual Dental Enrollment Form

4th Quarter 2016

Group Rates (2+)

Individual Rates


$ 18.00 per Month

$ 264.00 per Year


$ 31.00 per Month

$ 432.00 per Year


$ 45.50 per Month

$ 618.00 per Year

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