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Annuity Videos                                                                     

Are You Ready for Retirement?______________________________________

Preparing for your future is vital and most people have not sufficiently saved or planned for their lives in retirement. An annuity can help to provide the security you need once you stop working

Buying an Annuity__________________________________________________

Depending on your situation, an annuity can be a great investment for your future. But is it the right choice for you? Ask yourself these six questions before you invest

What is an Annuity?________________________________________________

An annuity is a type of investment that can help support you after retirement. Do you know the difference between an immediate and a deferred annuity? Learn more in this informative video. Spokesperson: Richard Allridge, Certified Financial Planner

Is an Annuity Right for You?_________________________________________

Do you know where your income is going to come from once you stop working? And will it last for the rest of your lifetime? An annuity may be a good option for securing your financial future. Spokespersons: Margaret Dettinger, Retiree; Dr. Steven Weisbart, Insurance Information Institute; Jeanne Salvatore, Insurance Information Institute

Fixed vs. Variable Annuities_________________________________________

Insurance IQ: Retirement____________________________________________

Are you ready for retirement? Many people do not understand annuities or how much money they should save for retirement. This important information can help you live out your life comfortably

Source:  The Insurance Information Institute

Tax Deferred Annuities

Read and Learn About Annuities

What is an annuity?

What are the different types of annuities?