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Protect your income even when you are not working                   January 28, 2010

By Juanita Martinez

Disability income insurance provides protection when you cannot earn due to a medical condition. Find out how you should settle for disability insurance and why you must take a closer look at disability income insurance policy papers.

With disability insurance you can protect yourself against loss of income. If you are unable to work due to a medical condition, your insurance will provide coverage. The average human being is likely to suffer from a long term illness by the age of 65 that will leave him/her disabled and hence unable to go to work to earn a living. This is when income insurance can be very helpful.

This insurance in available in one of the three ways:

Social Security Disability

2. Employer Paid Disability

3. Individual Disability Insurance

Disability income insurance can be purchased from your insurance provider. You may even get names of agents and companies providing such policies from your state’s insurance department. When buying insurance, make sure you understand the policy and have no doubts about what is written in your policy. If you do then clear it out with your
insurance agent. You must know where you are investing your money and what return it will bring to you.

Of course you have not imagined what it would be like to be disabled, but what if you do? How does your family pay the bills then? Are you involved in a job that has risks of you being disabled from a job related accident? If you do, then you must get coverage. The premiums for income insurance are determined after considering your age, sex, occupation and the probable loss of income that you would have to suffer.
Insurance quotes are easily available online. You may simply look for a quote form, fill it up and wait for the company to give you a quote according to the information that you have fed in their form.

You can try getting disability insurance quotes from top rated companies providing top rated coverage. If you go for an employer provided disability, it is taxable as ordinary income. However, if you have an individual disability plan (after tax), it is not taxable and you can utilize the entire amount for your regular activities.

Before you buy a policy, you must investigate your options. Many of you may find a group policy quite attractive while many of you may think that an individual policy best suits your needs. Hence, take a closer look at your policy and take notice of what is written in the policy to find out if a certain policy is suitable or not.

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Juanita Martinez is associated with the AmPmInsure Community and has been offering her suggestion on insurance to the community since 2007. Besides this, she has also written contributory articles for various financial sites. Few of her articles would include names like ‘Ho3 Policy: An open peril insurance’, ‘Insurance for fire damages’ and ‘Buying life insurance on someone without their consent’.