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Learning About Life Settlements, This article published on Sep 23rd 2010 06:38:35 PM

Published by: Kelly Ramirez

When an elderly person has life insurance, he may opt to surrender it early to a third party to collect a big amount on it, otherwise known as life settlements. This big amount is basically his retirement or health fund that he will utilize for the remainder of his days. The third party, on the other hand, will be the one to collect on the insurance once the policy holder passes.

Unlike other life insurances that need to be paid off until a certain age, some of these policies are already paid but cannot be collected since it is the death of the person that is the guarantee for a cash collection. This tool is used by many investors who seek out senior citizens who want to enjoy the savings they have invested in the policies.

An advantage of life settlements is that the elderly policy holder is able to enjoy the liquid cash that is traded to him for his actual policy. Having this cash means that he can pay off his debts, as well as retire comfortably until he expires.

Life insurance policies mostly are liquid from between 20 to 60 percent, depending on the insurer. However, many senior citizens are offered higher amounts through life settlements which they opt for so that they can get more out of every dollar they invested throughout their younger years.

The investor, on the other hand, should be able to have large lump sum amounts in cash to trade for the surrender of the life insurance policies. One benefit the investor gets is that when the policy holder passes, he is entitled to the full and complete amount of the policy and this amount is in no way at all affected by the market trends in the economy.

One downside to life settlements is that policy holders are usually prone to being victims to fraudulent schemes. Many of them will surrender and settle for amounts that are way below the actual value of their policies, especially since they have no clue as to the liquidity of their policy and other factors that could play to their own advantage.

Settlements for these insurances are a good way for many senior citizens to collect from their life insurances early, before they die, to enjoy their retirement with. However, it must be remembered that any elderly person considering life settlements should always do their research and contact legitimate companies to complete the transaction.

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